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Bulletin N° 35 mai 2023 If it appears more and more clearly that the policy of the State of Israel is a policy of complete colonization of Palestine against the backdrop of an apartheid regime relegating the Palestinian populations to a state of lawlessness and submission, the fact remains that this policy is inscribed from the start in the conception and nature of this state.

Bulletin N° 35 mai 2023   China and the War in Ukraine: About the Chinese Peace Plan

On April 26, an exchange of more than an hour between Chinese Presidents Xi Jinping and Ukrainian President Zelinsky, at the initiative of the Ukrainian President, was described by the latter as "long and significant", and resulted in the appointment of a Ukrainian ambassador to China,

Bulletin N° 35 mai 2023  Sudan: new armed conflict against the Sudanese people. Mayotte: Death to the poor!

 Sudan: new armed conflict against the Sudanese people

For several days Sudan has slipped into a war between the parties in power causing many civilian victims.

Bulletin N°35 mai 2023 A decree of March 31, 2023 from the President of the Russian Federation describes its new foreign policy concept (*) . the concept is presented as:"a strategic planning document that provides a systemic view of the national interests of the Russian Federation in the field of foreign policy, basic principles, strategic goals, major goals and priority areas of Russian foreign policy."