Gantry 5


The war against Libya from March to October 2011 was a multinational operation under the aegis of the United Nations (Security Council resolution 1973). All operations were carried out under the direction of NATO. France played its part, particularly in the field of air intervention.

The Covid-19 epidemic revealed very big differences between countries in the strategy to fight the global coronavirus epidemic. Several Asian countries in particular stood out, including the Indian Union with 1 billion 200 million inhabitants, a federal republic made up of twenty-nine states.

The assassination of Georges Floyd has caused a great and legitimate emotion in the USA and throughout the world. It led to numerous demonstrations especially in the USA including in very small cities, bringing together large crowds where Americans of all origins mingle, far beyond what can be considered progressive and anti-racist forces and with a strong youth component.

The death on Monday May 25 in Minneapolis of George Floyd, an African-American arrested by the police and murdered in cold blood by suffocation, started legitimate protest demonstrations in the big cities of the United States in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Memphis …