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After the United Arab Emirates, Barhain is to formalize its relations with Israel through diplomatic recognition. They follow on from older ones with Egypt and Jordan, and they certainly precede others with Sudan.

Paris July 25, 2020

Dear Comrades,

We thank you for your mail concerning your next congress. It is an important event to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of your party. As you note 1920 has historical significance for the revolutionary movement and our party will also celebrate this event with a political initiative in Paris in November. As you know, we are working to build the revolutionary party that the working class in France needs and we attach great importance to the solidarity of internationalist struggle.
We wish you fruitful work allowing the strengthening of your party and we hope that solid links can be forged between our two organizations.

Antonio Sanchez
Secretary General of the Communist Revolutionary Party France

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Two months after the death by asphyxiation of George Floyd, the protest movement does not weaken and is rebounding strongly. In Portland, federal police took to the streets to quell protesters. Dockworkers or bus drivers went on strike in solidarity.

The Malian capital woke up to a military coup on Wednesday, and the arrest of President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta (known as IBK). Ismaël Wagué, military spokesman deputy chief of staff of the air force, affirmed that "all of Mali's international agreements would be respected and that a civilian political transition leading to elections would be implemented".