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N° 25 juin 2022 The war waged by the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine continues to escalate in intensity. We have clearly condemned this aggression against a sovereign country and qualified this war as a confrontation within the imperialist system(1).

N° 25 juin 2022 "Anyone entering the U.K. illegally as well as those who have arrived illegally since January 1 may now be relocated to Rwanda," Boris Johnson announces in a speech in Kent, south-east of England on April 14.

N° 25 juin 2022 The Easter weekend saw an outbreak of Israeli violence in Jerusalem – such violence that it led to a meeting of the UN Security Council on Tuesday April 19,

N° 25- juin 2022 The war in Ukraine has been going on for two months already leaving a trail of destruction, millions of refugees and displaced persons, loss of human lives and a nagging question: where does this seemingly limitless escalation lead us?