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N°11-01/03/2021 On February 1, the Burmese military seized power in Burma, overthrowing leader Aung San Suu Kyi under the pretext of contesting the results of the legislative elections which took place in November 2020.

N°10-01/03/2021 After two months of demonstrations at the gates of Delhi against the reforms of the agricultural sector, called Farm Bills (voir l'article Inde : Levée en masse de la paysannerie) the peasants obtained its freeze.

N°11-01/03/2021 Dear comrades of the Communist Party of Ukraine,
We have read the letter from P. Symonenko about the new violations of civil liberties in Ukraine.

N°11-01/03/2021 The Trump administration has not deviated from the general orientation of the United States in dealing with the problems of the Middle and Near East.