Gantry 5


N°18 novembre 2021 October 17, 1961 a day “reported missing”. They tried to erase it from memories, they failed but it remains to remove the layers of makeup that are piling up to hide the raw truth of French imperialism.

N°18 - novembre 2021 Brazil: Bolsanaro out! For what perspective? Russia: Stop repression! Algeria France: When Macron as an imperialist leader reveals his true colors! Austria: Success of the Communist Party KPÖ in Graz, second city of the country.

N°17- octobre 2021 On September 15, Australia's announcement to break the contract signed in 2006 with France for the construction of 12 conventionally powered submarines sent shock waves through French government circles.

N°17-octobre2021 After Chad in April, Mali in May, it is the turn of Guinea, also a former French colony, to experience a military coup.