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Bulletin N° 36 juin 2023 The CGT takes part in a pro-NATO propaganda operation . The RESU "European Solidarity Network Ukraine" , a pharmacy linked to the EU, which supports Zelinsky and NATO in the imperialist war in Ukraine, organizes in France, from Saturday 17 until Friday 30, a " fortnight of solidarity with Ukraine »


which is nothing but a mass of propaganda initiatives, intended to make the entire population admit France's active armed support for Ukraine.

However, among these pro-NATO initiatives, there is a meeting on Tuesday, June 20, where representatives of the eight French confederations, including the CGT, will intervene alongside representatives of Ukrainian “unions ” Two Ukrainian “unions ” will be present, the FPU, plagued by endless stories of corruption, and above all, the main organization responsible for integrating Ukrainian workers into the system, the KVPU.
The participation of the CGT in such an initiative poses a problem for many militants of the organization. The inter-union press release of June 13 takes a very clear position for the Ukrainian government, one of the two belligerents in this imperialist war, without nuance, without precision, without recalling the role and responsibilities of the Ukrainian government, NATO, the United States and of France for almost 10 years in the region. There is a fundamental issue behind this press release, it is the attempt to rally the CGT to the sacred union in the indirect war between Russia and Ukraine and NATO, to train it in passive then active support to the war in Ukraine.

What is the KVPU, which will benefit from four speakers during the meeting?
The Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Ukraine (KVPU), the main beneficiary of the fundraising of the US confederation, the AFL-CIO for Ukrainian "trade unions" in 2022, is a partner of the Solidarity Center of the 'AFL-CIO. This Solidarity Center is the repackaged version of the imperialist American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD), the Solidarity Center is almost entirely funded by the CIA's front organization, the National Endowment for Democracy, as well as the Department of State and USAID (United States Agency for International Development). It is clearly documented (1)that the AFL-CIO is linked to the CIA. In 1947, the funding from the CIA which had enabled the creation and existence of the Force Ouvrière union had passed through the AFL-CIO and in particular its ferociously anti-Communist leaders: Lane Kirkland and George Meany.
The current president of the KVPU, the one whom the international sector of the CGT calls "our comrade Youry Samoilov" received, in 2004, the Meany-Kirkland prize from the AFL-CIO for his work linked to the "revolution orange "supported by the US government. His deputy Ihor Kniazhansky alias "Dushman" is part of the Azov Battalion, the sinister pro-Nazi military unit. Dushman is also currently the head of the Vinnytsia regional branch of the National Corps, a fascist political party. Moreover, it is interesting to note that in 2019, members of the United States Congress had considered placing the Azov battalion in the list of terrorist organizations. In response, Volynets and several other members of the Ukrainian parliament signed a letter, which defended and praised the Azov Battalion.

Unionists silent on social repression in Ukraine
In Ukraine, in deafening silence, since the beginning of the war, Zelinsky and his government have banned political parties, including communist, left-wing and anti-fascist in Ukraine, trade unions that could disturb them, including the social democratic trade union, but also freedoms and trade union rights. There is no longer any limit to the super-exploitation of workers in Ukraine, working conditions are getting tougher endlessly, not to provide the war effort but to continue to fuel the profits of Ukrainian capitalists and their Western counterparts. Obviously, neither the KVPU nor the AFL-CIO find anything to complain about.
All of this is passed over in silence in the inter-union press release signed by the CGT which is content to say that "The Ukraine of tomorrow must become an example of democracy based on respect for social rights and trade union freedoms" , which tends to prove that it is far from it today, but it is not denounced.
In a statement read at the recent meeting of the National Confederal Committee of the CGT, the CGT Departmental Union of the North recalls the massacre of 42 trade unionists in 2014 in Odessa, burned alive by the fascists under the eyes of the police, including a young 17-year-old Vadim Papura. The inter-union, in France, has never communicated on this subject.

About “free trade unions”
The vehicles of the dominant ideology, unfortunately often taken up by the international sector of the CGT, lead us into a simplistic explanation of the imperialist world: the bad unions, subservient to the rival states of the dominant bloc behind the USA, each other imperialist , and the good unions, which are not subject to the states of the bloc organized around China, and which are called "free" unions. And never are their links with the dominant imperialist powers questioned. Thus, the CGT is very critical of the subservient or partisan unions of Lukashenko in Belarus, but not those which are financed by the CIA. Unions subservient to political power are not just found in Iran or Belarus, there are plenty of them in the European Union, in Poland, in Estonia, in the Baltic countries, in Croatia.

In conclusion
For the Revolutionary Communist Party, which has taken a clear position on the character of confrontations within the imperialist system to characterize Russia's military intervention in Ukraine (2) , the trade unions in France, and in particular the CGT, would have interest in taking into account the positions of their Belgian comrades. The two confederations of this country, the socialist FGTB and the Christian CSC, call, with the pacifist organizations, for peace in Ukraine and for an immediate ceasefire. This is the only way that class struggle and progressive organizations can follow. We make our conclusion from the press release of our comrades of the Unite-CGT collective:"Our support does not go to the Russian or Ukrainian governments, but to the peoples of these two states drawn into a fratricidal war by and for the interests of the capitalists, whether they sit in Moscow, Kiev, Washington, London, Brussels, Beijing or Paris. […] Not a euro, not a soldier, not a single weapon for imperialist wars! ".
As in 1914, the labor movement does not have to choose a side in an imperialist war, neither side defends its interests. By modifying Anatole France's famous sentence: “We believe we are dying for the country, we are dying for the industrialists. we could say to those trade unionists who believe it is legitimate to support Zelinsky and NATO: “We believe we are defending freedom, we are defending the capitalists. » .
The emancipation of the peoples, in Ukraine, in Russia, in France and in the world, will not happen without the stubborn struggle of the workers to overthrow capitalism and establish a socialist society. Socialism is a factor of peace, while “Capitalism carries war within itself, as the cloud carries the storm. » , as Jean Jaurès wrote.
2 d-escalation-military-in-progress-it-is-that-of-the-clashes-au-sein-de-l-imperialisme -document-for-better-understanding-the-reasons-and-consequences-of-the-war-in-ukraine joint-declaration-of-the-communist-and-workers-parties-after-a-year-of-imperialist-war-in-ukraine