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Bulletin N° 36 juin 2023  On June 16 and 17 our Party held its congress. The main questions were: what should be done to impose a fundamental change of policy, the role of the economic and social struggle, the anti-capitalist political struggle, the policy that our party proposes to the workers, to the youth, to the pensioners, to the people.


The situation of the workers and the people is deteriorating.
Capital must go further and faster in the race for profit. Macron is in power to amplify the implementation of this policy. "We are determined to accelerate" the reforms "repeated Elisabeth Borne.
The deep discontent and worries for the future are at the heart of the concerns of the workers and the youth of our country. Throughout the last few months, this discontent and concerns have manifested themselves in powerful strikes and demonstrations, particularly against the pension reform.
The employers and the power do not want to let go and push to go further in social setbacks. What is at stake are the interests of capitalism, which increasingly intends to exploit workers for profit. Reducing wages, pensions, social rights, privatizing, liquidating public services, precarious work and repressing those who refuse through struggle to submit to this logic are their tools.
Everywhere in a world dominated by capitalism
Everywhere in a world dominated by capitalism it is so and the competition is so fierce between the monopolies and their States that their confrontations lead to murderous wars everywhere in the world where the workers are both the cannon fodder and the victims. of social and democratic setbacks and especially today with the war in Ukraine where the imperialist powers are clashing. When war credits increase all over the world and in France too, it is to the detriment of the workers and the people.
The workers fight bravely
In this situation of exacerbated struggle between the capitalist powers, forming what is called the imperialist system, the States taking the pretext of the new conditions which are emerging with climate change have entered into a competition based on what they call the ecological transition for the massive financing of their great capitalist monopolies and the least social, creating a particularly unfavorable situation for the workers and the youth subjected to the vagaries of this fierce competition. In reality, they want to finance their investments by over-exploitation of salaried labour.
Of course, in the face of repeated and violent attacks from employers and those in power, the workers are fighting courageously and they have shown it in the recent period. Everything indicates that without these struggles the setbacks would be even more painful.
There is no other path than that of firm and resolute class struggle
There is no other path than that of firm and resolute class struggle, history teaches us two things. The first is that the struggles are the way to roll back the claims of the capitalists, the second is that as soon as the balance of forces weakens, then capital and the power in its pay try to take everything back!
To change in France it is necessary to have the political will to attack the power of the multinationals, and their financial powers which govern us.
All the parties want to capture discontent and take over from the capitalist system itself… The Republicans, the Rassemblement National of Mr. Le Pen are at the service of capital, they will pursue the policy it dictates to them. The PCF, France Insoumise, the Greens… do not aim to attack capitalism.
The only objective of capitalism is the permanent search for maximum profit. Everywhere he exploits the people. While considerable progress has been made in recent decades, giving humanity immense new possibilities to respond to current challenges, it blocks any solution that stands in the way of the pursuit of profit. Global capitalist competition is fierce to exploit resources, to conquer markets, to dominate politically and militarily. The imperialists, including France, wage war all over the world, destroying nations, peoples driven from their country by war, misery. Capitalism, that's it.
Everywhere, peoples are struggling, taking action. We stand together, our struggles converge.
This brings us to the decisive question how to get out of this situation?
If we agree that it is the capitalist system in its imperialist stage itself which is the cause of all the misfortunes of the workers, the youth and the people, then we must get rid of it and replace it with a society without exploitation of wage labor, a society of cooperation and peace of those who produce the wealth, that is to say the workers: a socialist society.
For this, they must unite and act to conquer the economic and political power of the Nation and lead the country in the direction of their particular and collective interests of workers.
Our party is a revolutionary party
To change policy, it is necessary to wrest the economic and financial means from the capitalists, to seize political power. Ownership of the means of production and exchange must revert to the people and be managed for the satisfaction of social needs.
This will not happen alone, it takes social and political struggles, it takes a revolutionary party and a class trade union organization to organize them. It is to this work that our Communist Revolutionary Party has been working since its creation.
Its reinforcement by your membership is the surest way to move forward.