Gantry 5


The Revolutionary Party COMMUNISTES expresses its deep condolences to all the families victim of the terrible disaster that the country has just suffered, with more than one hundred dead and four thousand injured.

The government of Hassane Diab resigned yesterday, as a consequence of popular pressure which has been expressed strongly since the disaster of August 4. As the Lebanese newspaper L’Orient le jour rightly reads: "Diab resigns...what next ?"

After the tragic disaster in Lebanon, two new events have drawn attention to this region: the increased tension in the Mediterranean following the movement of Turkey for the search and appropriation of gas fields in maritime zones contested by Greece, and the agreement to normalize relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

After the presidential elections in Belarus, which gave, according to official data, a large victory for incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko, demonstrations which took on an insurrectional character were violently suppressed.