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N°14-02/05/2021 It is under this title: "What is imperialism today? France, an imperialist power" that an anti-imperialist day was held on Saturday March 20, organized by the V-VI Research University cells and CNRS-INSERM of the Revolutionary Party COMMUNISTES.

N°13-01/05/2021 The "Integrated Review of Security, Defense, Development and Foreign Policy" published on March 16 develops the future strategic axes of the United Kingdom in the context of the post-Brexit and of a fast changing world in the balance of power within imperialism.

N°12-02/04/2021 The new President of the USA J. Biden has summed up his strategy in a phrase that he repeats over and over again: "America is back".

N°12-02/04/2021 All over the world, the situation linked to the Covid19 pandemic is deeply affecting populations, especially the most vulnerable and the most deprived.