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Bulletin No44 mars 2024  US imperialism: forgery and use of forgeries 
After the resolution demanding a ceasefire in Gaza was passed, US government officials rushed to reassure Israel's somewhat upset leaders. Spokespersons clarified both that the resolution was not binding, which is false, all Security Council resolutions are, and that it only applied to the month of Ramadan, which is true and constitutes an unbearable limit of resolution.
And to make it clear that they have not changed line, US leaders responded favorably to a request from Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. On Friday, March 29, the Washington Post , generally well-informed when it comes to the White House, reported that the United States government has given the green light to the transfer of bombs and fighter jets worth several billion dollars to Israel. The newspaper, as a good soldier of the dominant ideology, insisted on adding "  even if they publicly express their concerns regarding the long-standing Israeli threat of invasion of Rafah in Gaza and the increase in civilian casualties in the enclave  ". The hypocritical servant tried to defend the hypocritical and lying master. The new weapons package includes more than 1,800 2,000-pound MK84 bombs and 500 500-pound MK82 bombs, according to Pentagon and State Department officials.
Will this bother our media which, in France, have been feeding us for several weeks about the change in attitude of the USA towards the Zionist state? Nothing is less sure ! The colonial state is still the “  organic extension of Western imperialism  ”, and for reasons that escape journalists and politicians who do not think in terms of classes, US multinationals cannot let go of Israel, their excrescence in the Middle East. . Any change in words, among the leaders of dominant imperialism and its vassals, can only be wind and lies!
In Israel, colonialist ideology persists
Demonstrations against Netanyahu, but not against the war
The streets of Jerusalem regained an animation forgotten for six months, Sunday March 31. At the call of opponents of Netanyahu's government, tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered around the Knesset, to call for elections and, for some, for an agreement with Hamas, which would allow the release of the hostages Gaza.
The scale of this gathering cannot be compared to that of the historic parades, which had crowded  the streets of the country every week last year , until the eve of the war. A majority of Israelis then opposed an upheaval of the country's institutional balance desired by Netanyahu and his religious fascist allies, described by his opponents as a  "coup d' état". 
There is definitely something to eat and drink in these parades. The “  Brothers in Arms  ”, a Zionist group, made their mark by going to the ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods of Jerusalem, to challenge the haredim (  “God-fearing” ), who are demanding from the Prime Minister a law perpetuating their exemption from military service. This attack finds a certain echo in Israeli society, which tolerates less and less the exemption from service of haredim (18% of young people of military age), at a time when the army is short of manpower, and where reservists begin to receive their recall orders for the spring.
Conversely, only a handful of anti-occupation activists were present among the demonstrators and spoke about the fate of the Palestinians in Gaza. Le Monde, which reported on the event, told us that: “  the overwhelming majority of Israeli society remains little informed and little concerned by the shortage of food that the army is orchestrating in the enclave.  ".
Among the other demonstrators, the families of the captives who are commonly called "  hostages  " and their supporters are the only ones to question Netanyahu's policies. They accuse the prime minister of prolonging the war, and the captivity of their people, in order to prolong his reign.  “You are the main obstacle to an agreement  [negotiated with Hamas], they said in a press release.  We will act forcefully for your immediate departure and relocation because this is the only way to bring  [the hostages]  home. We will pursue you and we will not stop. ".
For everyone else, the question is simply whether Netanyahu is best placed to “  finish the job  .” Here again, what Le Monde says is quite clear: “  a part of them [the demonstrators] are sensitive to the calls of Mr. Netanyahu, who since December 2023 claims to be the only one who can prevent the great American ally from imposing after the war, negotiations aimed at creating a Palestinian state.  ".
No more than the overwhelming majority of demonstrators more than six months ago were interested in the Palestinian question, the enormous majority of those on March 30 question the genocidal war in Gaza. She only seeks to know who will lead her best, bringing the captives home.
The largely majority agreement of the Jewish Israeli population with the ongoing genocide is beyond doubt, all the more reason not to put the colonialists and the colonized on the same level.
Negotiations for a truce
Under the aegis of Qatar and Egypt, they have been underway for almost two months, but regularly stumble. To the great dismay of the USA, the resolution recently adopted by the UN Security Council does not mention these behind-the-scenes negotiations. But the reasons for the successive failures are beginning to be known.
According to Le Monde, “  For several days, leaks have revealed the growing annoyance on the part of Israeli negotiators, intelligence and military officials, and members of the war cabinet with Mr. Netanyahu. The prime minister is blamed for a negotiation method that made these officials increase the number of trips to Cairo and Doha, then returns to Tel Aviv for consultations, and lengthened the time between each trip to redefine their mission orders. A stormy security cabinet meeting on Thursday March 28 sparked criticism from Likud ministers, who are demanding more compromise . ".
This confirms that the leaders of the Zionist state do not agree among themselves on the degree of concessions to be made to the Palestinian fighters. Some are probably more aware than others that war, with its procession of famine and destruction of hospitals, with the blocking of supply trucks, certainly makes it possible to eliminate many Palestinian civilians, but that armed resistance is not still not defeated. Or they worry about the growing discredit of the colonial state around the world.
Still, the Palestinian fighters, through the voice of the Gazan leaders of Hamas, are demanding a withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza, the return of displaced people to the north of the enclave, the start of reconstruction and the release of detainees. Israeli prisons. The Israeli government, for its part, claims to initially negotiate the release of some of the hostages, the civilians and the military women, and, as Le Monde says, "  is careful not to specifically mention the fate of the captured men." in uniform on October 7, to the despair of their families.  ".
On the one hand, the Palestinian fighters in Gaza are demanding a real permanent ceasefire and a return to normal, on the other Netanyahu and the majority of his government are only considering a pause of several weeks in the fighting. , and wish to resume the war, particularly in Rafah, for months, even years.
This is therefore not how a lasting solution will be found. But it is certain that if the Zionist state were deprived of arms and ammunition, if the country were subject to diplomatic and economic sanctions, that would probably change the situation, and a real negotiation would be possible. This is why the continuation of the international solidarity struggles of workers and peoples with the Palestinians is essential.
The fate of Palestinians working in Israel, the role of the Histadrut
Thousands of workers from the West Bank and Gaza remain imprisoned in Israeli jails. Some are kept in metal cages in the prison courtyard due to lack of space in the overcrowded cells. These workers are officially detained because they do not have work permits. However, they all had a permit until October 7, a permit canceled for all 180,000 Palestinian workers in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank as of October 8.
As of October 23, the Israeli organization Histadrut, a Zionist “  union  ”, ultra-majority in the colonial state, which supports apartheid measures against Palestinian workers, called on Israeli bosses to dismiss any worker who “  expresses solidarity with, supports or declares solidarity with terrorism in conditions of war  .” In the State of Israel since October, the slightest expression of empathy from internal Palestinians, “ Israeli Arab citizens ”, towards the fate of the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip is considered as solidarity with terrorism!
The repression concerns all categories of employees, including in Israeli hospitals. The Histadrut report said that a nurse at a Tel Aviv hospital, who expressed anger on her Facebook page after the Israeli army's massacre in the Jabalia refugee camp in January, was dismissed on the spot with this comment from the hospital director: “  Fire this human scum who supports Hamas and terrorism, she has no place among us  .” Palestinian lawyers were informed in October by the  Bar Disciplinary Committee  that there would be zero tolerance and legal action against any lawyer who posted content on social media that could be considered "  incitement to violence."  ".
Despite this state repression, which has become institutional, the solidarity actions of internal Palestinians with the population of the Gaza Strip, sometimes carried out jointly with Jewish democratic associations, notably in the North-West of Israel, have continued. organize, particularly in the collection of medical equipment and medicines. But it is increasingly difficult to get this aid to Gaza.
Understand what is at stake in the struggle for free Palestine
Since the genocide began in the Gaza Strip, the colonialists and their army have used all means, starvation, and deprivation of care, targeted or untargeted massacres, to destroy the Gaza enclave and its inhabitants, to erase from the memory of men a civilization several thousand years old. They do this with impunity, but in the eyes of the world. And so that these eyes can no longer see, they kill journalists, caregivers, UN staff, all the embarrassing witnesses. And yet, despite everything, we know.
So, it’s time to ask yourself a fundamental question. How can people who call themselves the heirs of the victims of the extermination of the Jews organize or validate an extermination effort on another population? We must understand that this way of telling the story is entirely false. As we have explained several times, the Zionist project dates back well before the Second World War. He joined that of the British imperialists who wanted a foothold in the Middle East.
Sarah Katz, one of the spokespersons for the French Jewish Union for Peace (UJFP) said in a video: “  It was not the descendants of the Shoah who created Israel, not at all. These are people whose ideology is supremacist. I say it clearly, the Zionist ideology is closer to those who carried out the massacre of the Jews of Europe than to those who suffered it. It is the idea that there are populations who have more rights than others. […] They are on the side of imperialism, they are one of the hands of imperialism in the Middle East  .”
Palestine concerns everyone. As Sarah says, it’s not an “  activist obsession  ”. To those who want to put things into perspective, who say that there are other wars, who talk about peace in general, without distinguishing a war of national liberation from imperialist wars, who complain because we are still talking to them about Palestine , the Communist Revolutionary Party responds: “  Why is Palestine so important? Because it is the last colonial adventure, the last colonial conflict of the 20th century . Because decolonization, undertaken at the end of the 1940s, will only be completed when Palestine is free.  ". This is an issue that concerns all workers around the world.
And Sarah continues: “  I believe that we are really on the bone, that we are really head to head, humanity must say that it no longer wants these ideologies; because, if we lose in Palestine, that means that we will lose in other places too, that means that these criminal ideologies will continue to grow. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to break the attack against the Palestinian people and restore their rights. It concerns each of us, personally.  ".
Yes, the fight for the liberation of Palestine is an essential fight, in particular for the Communists, whose anticolonialism is like a genetic imprint. It is not a vague, tasteless pacifist fight, a sort of manifesto saying: “  War is not beautiful!”  ". The ongoing war in Gaza is absolutely not of the same nature as the imperialist wars, direct as in Ukraine, indirect as in the DPR of Congo, in Sudan or like those that the Islamist fascist mafia gangs are waging in Africa, as lackeys of the powers Western imperialists, particularly the USA.
If the nature of war is not the same, obviously the response cannot be the same either. We cannot simply ask for peace between a colonial state and a colonized people; what is right is to demand the end of the colonial state, it is the prerequisite for any peace, for any possibility for the two peoples to live together.
This is what the Communist Revolutionary Party says tirelessly and will continue to say, unlike the pseudo defenders of peace in the living rooms. Which is difficult for the proponents of shared wrongs, the useful idiots of the pseudo two-state solution, those who choose not to see the occupation, even less the colonial state, those who speak of peace without distinguish a colonized people and a colonizing State is that, to understand in the literal sense of the term, what has been happening for 75, even 100 years in Palestine, and even more what is happening today, we must have this compass of anti-colonialism, of the war of national liberation, we must think in Marxist terms.
Zionist ideology is, by nature, a colonial ideology, it must be defeated. The fight of the Palestinian resistance fighters is just, as is active solidarity in the world with Palestine.    
This is why the Communist Revolutionary Party supports the fundamental demands of the Palestinian national liberation movement: immediate end to Zionist military aggression, right of return of refugees, formation of a Palestinian state on the territory of Mandatory Palestine. In this month for the release of G. Abdallah, we firmly associate ourselves with his request for release, which will be carried by the demonstration in Lannemezan, Saturday April 6, and with his support for the struggle of the Palestinian people.