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Bulletin No44 mars 2024  The time is neither for pause nor for compromise with capital and the government in the face of the violence of the policy led by Macron and the EU in the service of capital. Only one answer: organize popular resistance and struggle.
This is the meaning of the commitment in the battle of our list of 81 candidates from the Revolutionary Communist party led by Olivier Terrien, nursing assistant at the Nantes University Hospital and Martine Moreau , employee.
This list will lead the political battle on the questions of the role and direction of the EU without the slightest illusion about the democratic character of this election, nor about the role that the European Parliament can play to defend the interests of workers in France and in Europe.
All political forces represented in Parliament accept the framework of this EU without fundamentally calling into question its capitalist character. A construction acting in the field of rivalries of the global imperialist system and organizing itself to defend the interests of the monopolies.
A supranational “European” control
The owners of the major means of production and exchange in each country are the true heads of state. Political staff at the highest level are at their entire service. The ESM (European Stability Mechanism) weighs very heavily on the States required to accept the draconian conditions imposed on them to repay what the ECB (European Central Bank) advances to them. It is a supranational “ European ” takeover of the economy of our countries forced to respect the  discipline of capital . The result of these " pacts"  and measures of all kinds is the continued impoverishment of the peoples of this Europe and of ours in particular. The right-wing or socialist governments of European countries have gradually put in place structures to strengthen the integration of countries and peoples. 
*The Euro is an instrument for the economic and political integration of countries in the European Union and a tool for strengthening the means of European capitalism in global competition. The Euro is part of the capitalist monetary war between great powers.
*On the military level, the EU countries are under the control of the dominant imperialist country: the United States through their participation in NATO of which France is part of the integrated command. They are pawns in the service of American interests who set the strategy and their active participation in the imperialist war on the territory of Ukraine, in unwavering support for the colonial state of Israel, everywhere military budgets are soaring. detriment to the needs of society leading to a spiral of war dangerous for world peace. 
We are campaigning for France's withdrawal from NATO and the dissolution of all these military pacts.
A powerful imperialist pole serving its big monopolies
The European Union is the constitution of a powerful imperialist pole serving its large monopolies, it is also crossed by contradictory interests as evidenced by the deep differences that have appeared on energy and defense issues.
The ESM (European Stability Mechanism) is wreaking havoc in all European countries: austerity plans, drastic reductions in public and social spending, breakdown of labor and social rights, acceleration of privatizations, etc. But capital demands go much further and go faster. In the name of “  competitiveness  ” everything is pulled down: salaries, pensions, social security, compensation…. “ Non-competitive ” companies and services   are condemned, employees deprived of jobs. By imposing the free movement of workers in the European Union, by demanding the opening of the "  labor market  ", the capitalist leaders of Brussels, with the agreement of the Member States, knowingly organize pressure on employment and wages of workers. !
The European Union seeks free trade agreements with other economic groups or countries to increase social dumping, which leads to the destruction of our national economy. The weakening of Nations, their erasure is the objective of the European Union. We are fighting this capitalist Europe; we want respect for nations, their sovereignty, their national independence.
It is therefore all these questions which will be the subject of our political battle. Because the reality is the capitalist and imperialist character of European construction, we are committed to organizing workers in the struggle to combat capitalism and the negative effects of its development by showing that the only way out is to put end to this predatory system of Man and nature.
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