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Venezuela: friend of Colombian narco traffickers seizes gold from Venezuelan people!

British justice has just refused the legitimate power of Venezuela access to 31 tons of gold that Venezuela holds in the Bank of England and which belong to the Venezuelan people!
To give it to whom? To Juan Guaido, self-proclaimed President propelled by the USA and supported by Westerners including France.

This Guaido who proclaimed himself president on January 23, 2019 is recognized by around fifty countries including France. He is just a fascist putschist in the service of his master: the USA!
This Juan Guaido “grand bourgeois” high roller disappoints including those who had placed great hopes in him to overthrow the government for the benefit of imperialists and is starting to disappoint even his US sponsors. He is a shady unsavory character with a strong dictatorial soul in the manner of Pinochet and who, according to the Latin American press, even rubs shoulders with narco traffickers!
The Venezuelan authorities have appealed, they intend to use this gold in agreement with the UN for a food program aimed at the poorest!
This episode speaks volumes about the mire in which imperialist countries wallow when it comes to bringing to heel the peoples who refuse the dictatorship of capital!