Gantry 5


Minneapolis: A heavy-handed arrest? No, a deliberate assassination!

The death on Monday May 25 in Minneapolis of George Floyd, an African-American arrested by the police and murdered in cold blood by suffocation, started legitimate protest demonstrations in the big cities of the United States in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Memphis …

Although this death is presented by all the media as the consequence of a heavy-handed arrest, it is in fact an outright assassination. To date, May 30, only one of the accused police has been charged with manslaughter! This heinous murder reminds us of all those already committed against the African-American community and immigrants. In the United States, racist violence is not just the exclusive domain of the fascist Ku-Klux-Klan. It is well and truly part of State violence against what the American upper class with economic and political power considers dangerous classes. It is sustained at the very top of the state.
This violence is the continuation of the capitalist repression which fought and will always fight the workers' movement, especially when it is revolutionary, through the physical destruction of militants and organizations. Our party stands in solidarity with the forces in the USA that fight against racism and try to express the demands of the popular classes.