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The French apartheid auxiliaries maneuvering! And meanwhile Israel about to annex all of Palestine.

The weekly "Le Point" has just published an op-ed page signed by more than sixty French MPs and senators from the right, center and left, former heads of government, former ministers, intellectuals like Manuel Valls, Edith Cresson, Anne Hidalgo, Xavier Bertrand, Daniel Cohn-Bendit …

The text pledges to counter what they call "the virus of hatred" by supporting the representatives of civil society from sixteen Arab countries who founded the Arab Council for Regional Integration. The latter reaches out to Israel and intends to fight against prejudice by establishing a real Israeli-Arab dialogue.

No, you're not dreaming! All these wonderful people publish this commitment at the time when the new Israeli government is officially installed by the Knesset (the Israeli parliament). The new government brings together the friends of Netanyahu and Gantz, (former "enemies"), religious parties and the Labor party (which belongs to the Socialist International); it has but one clear objective: to implement the American plan for the total annexation of Palestine; defense secretary Mike Pompeo came to Israel last week to confirm the US engagement. Only the parties united in the Arab list with the Communist Party of Israel reject this annexationist government.
By supporting this so-called "dialogue" initiative, the signatories give de facto support to the colonial and annexation policy implemented by the Israeli government; the latter represents capitalist interests and makes Israel play the role of US imperialism’s watchdog in open or masked alliance with most of the Arab powers in the region who have long abandoned the Palestinian people.
Our party has repeatedly expressed its condemnation of the colonial policy of the State of Israel and continues to do so clearly. At the same time, it supports the legitimate struggles of the Palestinian people for their national rights and for the existence of a State of Palestine.
We are fighting the French government and the European Union, which alongside the United States, are firm supporters of Israeli policy. We call on all democrats committed to the respect of peoples’ rights to denounce and combat this imperialist policy and at the same time provide the struggling Palestinian people with the material and political support they need.