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N° 29 novembre 2022 We, the participants of the 22nd International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties in Havana on 27-29 October 2022, reconfirm our strong commitment to the struggle of the proletariat on a global scale,

as well as our support to the many years of heroic anti-fascist struggle of the proletarians of Donbas and the resistance of the workers of Ukraine and Russia to the militarist policy of imperialism:
1.We condemn all the criminal actions of the representatives of the world capital: the USA, imperialist alliances and blocs, the Russian Federation and the ruling circles of Ukraine itself, who have used the last means to resolve their contradictions in the age of imperialism - war - on the territory of Ukraine. At the moment, these contradictions have reached such a depth that it seems impossible to predict how long this war will last.
2.We support anti-militarist sentiments and actions within Ukraine and the Russian Federation as a struggle of the exploited class against the exploiting class. Not only the logic of Marxist analysis, but also the eight months of ongoing war show the falsity of the goals declared by the Russian government as their implementation obviously leads to directly opposite results: humanitarian disaster, thousands of civilian deaths, militarization of Ukraine alongside with the destruction of its industrial enterprises and cities, increase in anti-Russian sentiment and the numbers of fascist militants. Thus, as before in history, the ruling elites of both countries are manipulating the slogans of a "just war" for their political points, economic gain and the mobilization of the deceived peoples to achieve goals alien to them.
3. We strongly disclaimany involvement of the Russian government policy in the anti-fascist movement or, even more so, in the "pro-Soviet" sentiment. The Russian Federation, being a bourgeois state, is only nominally, in the framework of bourgeois law, the inheritor of the USSR, while it has nothing in common with the USSR either in its basis or superstructure. During the 30 years of "independence" of the Russian Federation, financial and monopolistic capital was created; industry, education, and health care sectors were systematically destroyed; unemployment increased, and the gap between the rich and the poor grew, labor rights and democratic freedoms were eliminated.
The proxies of the bourgeois ruling circles of the Russian Federation have seized power in the people's republics of Lugansk and Donetsk, the red field commanders - the people's nominees - have been eliminated, and the political activities of communist organizations have been banned. All the goals stated by Putin and the official authorities of the Russian Federation regarding the "special military operation" failed. This "special operation" is not only false but also criminal whichis confirmed by the humanitarian catastrophe affecting the civilian population of Ukraine.
4. We strongly condemn the militarization of Ukraine, promotion of an extremely reactionary nationalist ideology, incitement of inter-ethnic hatred, creation of nationalist militant groups. The evacuation of civilians from the war zone is essentially carried out by the people themselves. Labor rights and freedom of speech have been significantly curtailed; persecution and repression of political opponents has not ceased.
5. We are certain that it is only the Ukrainian working class united with the Russian proletariat and supported by the world labor that is able of stopping the imperialist slaughter. Ukraine’s, Russia’s and world bourgeoisie mobilized and armed workers.
It is necessary that these armaments be aimed at the governments of war, to convert the imperialist war between the peoples into a civil war between classes. It is only this that will enable the working class to put an end to imperialism as a source of wars and form labor power bodies, as well as transform the combating states in the interests of working people.
It is shameful and criminal for communists all over the world to trail behind the governments of bourgeois countries and work for the interests of their national bourgeoisie, to support one or another bloc of bourgeois countries. Our immutable task is to help workers all over the world realize that imperialist wars do not lead to the emancipation of labor, on the contrary, they enslave it even more; that in the imperialist conflict the working class has no allies among the ruling circles, only enemies; that their friends are only the proletarians, no matter what nationality they may be.

The duty of the communists is to bring about the end of capitalism as such, both nationally and internationally: to end capitalism is to end wars.
For this noble cause, communists all over the world, unite with your proletarians!

1. PADS, Algeria
2. Party of Labour of Austria
3. Communist Party of Belgium
4. Communist Party in Denmark
5. Communist Party of Denmark
6. Communist Party of Greece
7. Hungarian Workers Party
8. Workers Party of Ireland
9. Socialist Movement of Kazakhstan
10. Communist Party of Malta
11. Communist Party of Mexico
12. New Communist Party of the Netherlands
13. Communist Party of Pakistan
14. Palestinian Communist Party
15. Paraguayan Communist Party
16. Philippines Communist Party [PKP 1930]
17. South African Communist Party
18. Communist Party of the Workers of Spain
19. Communist Party of Swaziland
20. Communist Party of Sweden
21. Communist Party of Turkey
22. Union of Communists of Ukraine
23. Communist Front (Italy)
24. Communist Revolutionary Party