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Bulletin N°28 octobre 2022 As early as February 8, our party gave its assessment of the nature of the war which was preparing in the form of a Russian military intervention in Ukraine, as being a war within the imperialist system(1) .

 We have described the nature of this war and the disastrous consequences it entails for the peoples directly concerned and all the peoples of the world(2) . Today, we are witnessing an amplification of this conflict marked both by a massive NATO intervention and by the desire of the Russian Federation to annex part of Ukraine which, let us remember, is a internationally recognized sovereign whose occupation, even partial, cannot be accepted.

The reinforcement of the military arsenals, in particular of NATO and the USA, can only be a prelude to the widening of the conflict and can only result in a new devastating escalation for the peoples.
The desire for annexation asserted by Russia, which implemented the military invasion of Ukraine, is unacceptable and we condemn it. V. Putin's speech on September 21 provides for the launch of the process of annexation to Russia of 20% of Ukrainian territory. Added to this is the threat of using nuclear weapons, which furthermore dangerously lowers the threshold of deterrence.
Our party reaffirms the absolute necessity for an end to the war in Ukraine on the basis of the recognition of the sovereignty of this country and the legitimate security interests of the countries of the region and in particular of the Russian Federation. All efforts must be directed in this direction and not in that of an escalation, the consequences of which are extremely dangerous for all the peoples of the world.

Paris on 09-22-2022

(1) -sein-de-l-imperialisme
(2 ) -of-the-war-in-ukraine