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N° 24 mai 2022 The result of the 1st round confirms the rejection of Macron's policy. 26.7% of registered voters abstained, together with the blank or spoiled ballots this represents more than 12,667,000 voters; the abstention rate among voters under 35 reached 40%.

None of the candidates responded to the concerns of voters, to their desire for change, they do not think that this election can improve their situation. They're right. Whoever is elected president, the situation of the people will continue to deteriorate. Before the first round of the election, the Medef (Mouvement des Entreprises de France) and the employers' organizations set the roadmap for the next five-year term: a set of measures to liquidate social conquests, privatize public services, lower the price of labor power and increase capitalist profits. For five years Macron applied the program dictated by capital, he announced the measures he was going to take for the next five-year term: new attacks on wages, pensions, on Social Security, unemployment insurance, health, RSA (social allowance), education, the public sector, freedoms…
Marine Le Pen multiplies pledges towards employers and the dominant classes; like Macron she wants capital-labor association. Her economic program serves the interests of capital.
Both will carry out the policy demanded by capital and are programming social regression.
Another policy is possible. The economic and financial means exist to create hundreds of thousands of jobs, to increase the minimum wage and all salaries and pensions, to develop a major economic and social policy at the service of the people. To carry out this policy, it is necessary to wrest power from the capitalist multinationals, recover the financial means, take economic and political power.
The only solution to drive back capitalism until it is wiped out is to lead all together and ever more strongly the economic, social and political struggle.
On April 24 the Revolutionary Party Communistes will not support Macron nor Le Pen. Not a vote for Macron, not a vote for Le Pen, which are two sides of the same coin, the side of capital. We call on those who want real change to express it through a vote for struggle, by putting in the ballot box our ballot which expresses and affirms our demand for fundamental change in politics and society.
In this class struggle, we are on the side of the workers, of the people. Our choices are clear and readable for everyone. Our candidates for the legislative elections will express these choices. We must act, fight, come together to block what is coming. The only force that can defeat capital and those who serve it is the force of the workers and of the people.
To fight, to change politics and society, come and take your place in the Revolutionary Party Communistes.

April 11, 2022