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Ukraine: The current logic of military escalation is that of clashes within imperialism!

N°22 mars 2022  Russia's recognition of the Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk which seceded from Ukraine in 2014, VI Putin's declaration on the consequences of this recognition and the sanctions announced by the European Union and the USA

mark a new stage in the conflict which is developing between Russia and the NATO powers: the European Union and the USA. Each of the protagonists strives to justify its position by invoking international law and questions of national security, but none of them puts forward the economic and strategic interests of their capitalist monopolies in the search for a new division of the world and of Europe, for access to natural resources, for the control of communication channels and the labor force. This redistribution, which is the object of an intense struggle on a world scale between the imperialist powers, is one of the consequences of the disappearance of the USSR, which opened up a new field to these confrontations in which the Western powers organized in the imperialist alliance that is NATO, headed by the USA, but also Russia under the thumb of a capitalist oligarchy and China where capitalism dominates. It is symptomatic of this point of view that during his speech VI Putin saw fit to justify his position of negation of the national reality of Ukraine by attacks against Lenin and the USSR, placing himself de facto as the defender of the Russian oligarchic interests. In the complex conditions of the possible rise towards an armed confrontation within imperialism over the question of Ukraine, many workers are wondering what they should do in this situation. We tell them that they have nothing to gain by taking one side over another and following behind their ruling forces. On the contrary, they must denounce the imperialist war that is looming, demand the exit of France from the imperialist alliance that is NATO and its destruction and amplify the class battle for peace and socialism.