Gantry 5


N° 22 mars 2022 Far from subsiding, the saber-rattling in Ukraine and Europe is taking on a more aggressive tone day after day and moving towards a dangerous escalation between the forces of NATO, Europe and Russia.

The USA, the Baltic countries, the United Kingdom, Poland are accelerating their arms deliveries to the Ukrainian regime, the USA is calling on their diplomats and nationals to leave Ukraine and the diplomacy of the United Kingdom denounces the preparation of a coup which would be fomented by Russia to install in Kiev a regime at its beck and call. It even envisages the constitution of a triple alliance between the United Kingdom, Poland and Ukraine, which would be able to weigh in the conflict with Russia. In concrete terms, the member countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) have placed their armies on high alert and have decided to send reinforcements to Eastern Europe, including warships and combat aircraft, said Monday, January 24, the Secretary General of the Atlantic Alliance, J. Stoltenberg. For its part, France says it is ready to send troops to Romania under NATO command. These measures are related to the presence of Russian forces on the territory of the Russian Federation and in Belarus on the borders of Ukraine.
Thus, the confrontation over Ukraine(1), which in recent years has been the epicenter of inter-imperialist competition in Europe, flares up again. The inability of the leading forces of the countries concerned to find even temporary compromises led to the failure of the Minsk agreements and the re-emergence of plans for a military solution in Ukraine. The Ukrainian power pushes for confrontation with some of its allies in order to establish capitalism in the country by putting it under the umbrella of the USA, by silencing the opposition (it has already banned the Communist Party from Ukraine and refuses to grant autonomy to the Donbass); however the fact remains that voices are being raised, particularly in Germany, to remind us that the fundamental question that is being asked is not the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Collective security in Europe is, in Russia's eyes, incompatible with an imbalance of forces which sees NATO moving closer to Russia's borders against all the promises that were made by the German and US leaders at the time in the context of the reunification of Germany.
Ukraine is today at the center of conflicts within imperialism in Europe because the destruction of the USSR has exacerbated competition for the domination of central Europe. The former capitalist powers want a share of the cake with a Russia that has become capitalist again and wants to ensure its domination there, in economic but also strategic terms, with a glacis on its western borders.
The peoples have nothing to expect from these confrontations which can plunge Europe into crises that could lead to war. The struggle for socialism, the cooperation of nations and peoples liberated from capitalism is therefore the only possible path for a lasting and solid peace in Europe.