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New Caledonia: Independence still on the agenda

All the media headline on what they call: "the no to independence" and then put a damper on it with a very strong abstention of... 56%!

This little problem is quickly gotten rid of, and they all endeavor to show that New Caledonia has chosen to remain in the French republic. Macron repeated the same speech just hours after the announcement of the results. However, nothing has been settled far from it and the reality of the colonial domination of France remains against the legitimate desire for independence of the Kanak people and against the UN resolution of December 14, 1960 which states: "that all peoples have the right to self-determination, but that this necessarily includes the right freely to determine their political status and freely to pursue their economic, social and cultural development".
France, which ceded its colonial power only when forced by the arms of the liberation movements in Indochina and Algeria and the anti-colonial struggles, clings to New Caledonia. The colonial power did its utmost to organize yesterday's electoral masquerade against the advice of those primarily concerned, the Kanaks who called for refusing to participate in the poll and were overwhelmingly heard and followed.
This desire to maintain colonial domination was clearly expressed yesterday by the President of the Republic in economic terms, with the nickel resources of the island and also with the geo-strategic character of New Caledonia in the Indo-Pacific space – a space so coveted by all the imperialist powers in the region and where France intends to play its economic and military partition (1).
The question of the future of New Caledonia is therefore far from being settled despite the triumphant cries from local colonial politicians and their supporters in France. The question of independence, an inalienable right of colonized peoples is still on the table and the Kanak and Socialist National Liberation Front clearly recalled yesterday that it will go: "To the negotiating table to discuss independence and nothing else."
Our party, faithful to the principle of internationalist solidarity of the revolutionary movement, fully supports the legitimate demand for independence.