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China: A Brief Overview of the 6th CPC Plenum

N° 19 décembre 2021 The 6th CPC Plenum was held from November 8 to 11 and was the subject of a press release(1) .

The 197 members of the central committee and 151 substitute members participated in this plenum, as well as the members of the standing committee of the central disciplinary control commission, as well as experts, scholars and deputies who participated in the 19th party congress. The statement notes that the secretary general of the central committee Xi Jinping gave an important speech. We will stick to the content of the press release. The first part of the communiqué consists of a total approval of the work of the political bureau since the 5th plenum. This work was guided by: "the thought of Mao Zedong, the theory of Deng Xioping... and the thought of Xi Jinping".
In a second part, the press release recapitulates: "the hundred years of the party's struggle" and makes a historical assessment. It insists several times on the concept of Chinese socialism and the sinization of Marxism. An entire paragraph is devoted to the role and thought of Xi Jinping: "Comrade Xi Jinping is therefore the main author of the thought on Chinese-style socialism of the new era." This passage confirms the major role that Xi Jinping is to play in the preparation of the XXth Congress which will take place in 2022 and beyond. The document strongly underlines the progress made by China in all fields: economic, social, scientific, technical and military – China which is asserting itself as a major power to be reckoned with and which intends to uphold its place in the world and the unity of the nation. Finally the statement strongly underlines the role of Xi Jinping: "to strive to resolutely preserve the central position of Secretary General Xi Jinping in the central committee and the party".
This press release, which establishes the primordial role of Xi Jinping in the leadership of the CPC and the state, does not, as it stands, make any major changes in the so-called opening and reform orientation inaugurated in the period of the leadership of Deng Xioping and which paved the way for a "market socialism". This has resulted in a deep integration of the Chinese economy into the world capitalist economy and in a capitalist development that is both endogenous and fueled by direct investments of foreign monopolies in Chin(2) . China has now become one of the leading world powers against the USA whose predominant place is disputed and intends to play, in the imperialist system of modern capitalism, a decisive global role in economic, scientific and military terms.