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Letter from the Communist Party of Ukraine on the new violations of public freedoms and response from our revolutionary Communist Party.

N°11-01/03/2021 Dear comrades of the Communist Party of Ukraine,
We have read the letter from P. Symonenko about the new violations of civil liberties in Ukraine.

It is a question of silencing any form of protest against the anti-popular policy of this government in the pay the oligarchy which acts with the protection and the support of the USA, the European Union and France. we want by this letter to confirm our solidarity with the Ukrainian people and the Communist Party as well as all the progressive forces of the country.
Antonio Sanchez
National Secretary of the Revolutionary Communist Party (France)

From the KPU
Dear comrades,

Please accept deepest regards and appreciation of all Ukrainian communists and leader of our Party comrade Symonenko for this solidarity message. Please count on our support and solidarity


International Dept.