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Lebanon: A terrible disaster against the backdrop of a deep crisis

The Revolutionary Party COMMUNISTES expresses its deep condolences to all the families victim of the terrible disaster that the country has just suffered, with more than one hundred dead and four thousand injured.


The first idea that comes to mind is that of solidarity with the Lebanese people painfully stricken and whose health and food needs are extremely urgent. In its declaration of August 4, the Communist Party of Lebanon underlines the urgency of aid to the population: “The Lebanese Communist Party is making Wednesday August 5, 2020 a day of humanitarian solidarity with the wounded and of social solidarity with compatriots, and makes all its resources available to deal with the consequences of the disaster. "
It is obviously necessary that the light be shed quickly to determine the causes of this disaster and the responsibilities involved.
This situation only adds to the deep and dramatic crisis affecting the Lebanese people through the collapse of the economy. Soaring prices and unemployment are reducing hundreds of thousands of Lebanese to living in the most extreme precariousness. This crisis which has a national dimension is the expression of the practices of a bourgeoisie which has built everything on financial speculation. On several occasions for months the Lebanese people have demonstrated for a change of course that will put an end to corruption and to the confessionalist system.
However, we must not forget the responsibility of the imperialist powers which make Lebanon the hub of their predatory and destabilizing activities in the Near and Middle East.
We want to stress, as some commentators do, that aid to Lebanon cannot be seen as a new intervention in its internal affairs. The Lebanese people must be helped on the basis of respect for their national sovereignty.