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Israel intensifies annexation of Palestine, a crime against humanity!

Among other actions against the Palestinian population, the press reports that the Israeli police raided a coronavirus screening clinic in the occupied Palestinian neighborhood of East Jerusalem in Silwan and arrested its organizers on Tuesday evening April 14, because the clinic was managed in cooperation with the Palestinian Authority.
At the same time, Israeli leaders Benjamin Netanyahu, outgoing Prime Minister and therefore challenger Benny Gantz announced that they had signed an agreement to join forces and form a unity government.


It took three successive legislative elections and weeks of discussions to get there! B. Gantz had promised and sworn that he would do everything to eliminate B. Netanyahu, corrupt to the bone, from the political scene, and presto... a team was formed between the two accomplices. But why this team? The text of their agreement is clear: it is a about continuing the policy of the State of Israel:accentuate the anti-social reforms demanded by capitalism, consolidate the role of Israel as an unwavering ally of US imperialism in the Near and Middle East as well as in Africa and liquidate any prospect of a Palestinian state. This last point is also the most clearly stated in the government agreement since it plans to implement the annexations provided for in the so-called peace plan presented by D. Trump. In this connection the Communist Party of Israel (PCI) states: "[the point of view of] Netanyahu prevailed on the question of the annexation by Israel of the occupied West Bank, as approved by the " peace plan ”from the Trump administration. According to article 29 of the agreement between Gantz and Netanyahu, the latter may bring the agreement concluded with the United States on the application of sovereignty [in the West Bank]… for approval by the cabinet and / or the Knesset from July 1, 2020. Gantz and Netanyahu will [therefore] advance Trump's imperialist plan. "
The Common List, in which the PCI participated, strongly condemned the agreement: "Gantz has now demonstrated that he is a clone of Netanyahu," said MP Hadash Youssef Jabareen. This agreement will accentuate the military regime of Israel over the Palestinians in the occupied territories and will likely begin the process of annexing illegal Israeli settlements built on stolen Palestinian land. Leader of the Common List, Ayman Odeh, criticized the far-right unity government's deal as an outrage to the majority of Israeli citizens: "The surrender government of Gantz and Netanyahu is a slap in the face of the majority who has repeatedly gone to the polls to oust Netanyahu, "said Hadash chief.
This agreement marks the liquidation of the constitution of a viable Palestinian state as recognized by international bodies. It reinforces the apartheid policy of the Israeli state for which the Palestinians are at best a captive, cheap and with no rights labor force ... the dream of any capitalist!
The Covid 19 pandemic cannot hide the complicit silence of Western countries and France, so quick to denounce human rights abuses when it serves their interests as imperialist powers.
We reaffirm our internationalist solidarity with the Palestinian people, as with all the progressives in Israel. Their struggles for justice and peace and for national liberation are a key factor in solving the problem of Palestine and for world peace.