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Venezuela: Imperialists, hands off!

The Venezuelan government announced on Monday May 4 that it had thwarted an attempted landing of mercenaries near Caracas. The purpose of this military operation was to assassinate President Maduro, to put an end to the Bolivarian revolution and install a team entirely devoted to its masters, the US imperialists.

The attempted coup that involved US nationals could not have taken place without the approval of the US administration and the complicity of the Colombian government in the pay of the United States.

Let us recall that the USA has been waging an unprecedented aggression against Venezuela and its legitimate government for years: a blockade that stifles the country in the difficult context of the Covid 19 pandemic, a reward of $15 million for the capture of President Maduro accused of drug trafficking, military maneuvers in the Caribbean Sea, presence of US soldiers on the border between Colombia and Venezuela, political, financial and military support for Guaido, the self-proclaimed president. France is not absent from these coup attempts through the support it gives to Guaido, including by recognizing its illegitimate "ambassador"in France .

All the enemies of Venezuela and its policy of independence have but one common goal: to forcibly overthrow the legitimate power. They mean to exploit the difficult economic and social situation that they are fueling with the blockade in an attempt to sway the people and the army against it.
Let’s not let them! Imperialists, hands off Venezuela! Let’s demand the lifting of sanctions and blockade; oust Guaido’s puppet representative!

Paris May 6, 2020

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