What is imperialism today? France an imperialist power: a success of the March 20 initiative.

N°14-02/05/2021 It is under this title: "What is imperialism today? France, an imperialist power" that an anti-imperialist day was held on Saturday March 20, organized by the V-VI Research University cells and CNRS-INSERM of the Revolutionary Party COMMUNISTES.

This initiative had been prepared by numerous working meetings and by the drafting of a working document situating the issue at stake in questions linked to imperialism and the peoples' struggle for their liberation.
In the difficult conditions due to containment, this initiative finally held by video-conference, brought together more than 35 participants.
After an introduction focusing on showing the reality of imperialism and the exacerbated competition between the large capitalist multinationals, as well as anti-imperialist struggles, more than ten interventions and testimonies shed light on the nature of French imperialism especially in Africa. The first part, more historical, highlighted the processes of colonization and decolonization with the concern for the dominant powers to keep the economic and political hand by relying on military presences and interventions. The role of social democracy in these processes was underlined and especially in the reversal of the African Democratic Assembly towards an allegiance to the French colonizer. One participant recalled the deep political meaning of the negation of an African history before colonization, and of the use of the concept of civilization to justify Neo-colonial type interventions.
A comrade of the Communist Party of Algeria conducted an analysis on the evolution of the politics of this country and on the nature of the recent revolts. Cameroonian comrades analyzed the intense ideological battle that characterizes the formation of the nation in a context where the use of ethnic, linguistic and territorial divisions serves as a lever for the imperialist powers and their local relays to prevent the emergence of a national consciousness decisive for true independence.
A development about the situation in Djibouti, a real "aircraft carrier" of the imperialist powers in Africa, showed that this situation is incompatible with public freedoms. The written contribution of our comrades from the Communist Party of Côte d'Ivoire was read to the participants. A participant summarized the issues at stake in the destruction of the Libyan state and the resulting consequences. French military interventions were analyzed by two speakers. Finally, a FLNKS activist described the evolution of the colonial situation in Kanaky (New Caledonia). On this day, the president of the French Association of Friendship and Solidarity with the Peoples of Africa (AFASPA), recalled the history and role of this organization for solidarity and struggles with the peoples of Africa.

Each comment gave rise to a rich debate. All the documents: preparatory, introduction and speeches will be published in the form of a brochure. This day was an important moment in the anti-imperialist struggle, it showed the need for internationalist action. The unanimous opinion of the participants is that such an initiative must have developments and should be renewed, this is also what we want.
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